Volunteer in our Stores

Volunteers play a vital role at The Arc Attic Treasures. 

They help us sort donated items into categories, then inspect each item for quality. Once items are sorted, they are priced and displayed in the store.

You do not need any prior retail experience to volunteer in our stores. We will be glad to train you! 

Volunteer Opportunities Available

Clothing Assistant – Hangs and tags and puts out clothes.

Merchandising Assistant– Cleans and tags and puts out miscellaneous items. Straightens and cleans displays. 

Book Sorter – Sorts sellable books into correct boxes; stocks shelves.

Card Sorter – Sorts through cards; organizes sellable ones into categories; stocks shelves. 

Display Decorator – Cleans, organizes and decorates displays.  

If you are interested in volunteering, stop in or call  (701) 293-8191.

Volunteer of the Year

Michael Howlett
Volunteer of the Year 2020
Jean Johnson
Volunteer of the Year 2021
MaryBeth Ercink
Volunteer of the Year 2022

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