Job Description

Essential Job Functions

A. Cashiering

-Reviews pricing of items, noing price changes or sale items

-Operates the cash register and credit card machine 

-Accurately makes change for customers

B. Sorting/Pricing

-Sorts donations according to standards set by store policy

-Prepares items for sale

-Prices items according to standards set by store policy

-Stocks shelves and racks while ensuring items are apprpriate quality

-Maintains cleanliness of sorting area

C. Customer Service

-Greets customers/donors

-Informs customers of special sales and promotions

-Lifts and caries items for customers; loads and unloads goods and materials

-Assists customers in locating items and/or prices

-Answers incoming calls and arranges for pick-up of goods

-Monitors stock room and retail floor to reduce instances of theft

-Maintains appearance and cleanliness of store and back room

-Maintains appearance and cleanliness of restrooms and break area

D. Performs all other duties and requested by Store Manager (or supervisor on duty)

E. Qualifications

-High School Diploma or GED, preferred.

-At least one year of retail experience, preferred.

-Ability to work well with people.

-Ability to accomplish addition, subtractions, multiplication and division, required.

-Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds, required.

-Ability to read and write sighns and pricing stickers, required.

-Ability to reach over the head with arms extended, horizontally and vertically, required.

-Ability to stand and walk for extended periods, required.

-Ability to use fingers, hands, arms, legs, and feet, required.

-Ability to work in an environmnet with dust and various vapors, required.

-Ability to stoop, crouch, kneel and bend, required.